Monday, 28 May 2012

Tweet Clarity

Many people use the anonymity afforded by Twitter to make statements under false and misleading names. A little research has uncovered some of the accounts in use by the good people of Ambridge. Here's a selection of some of their recent tweets:

@RevengeIsMine [Elizabeth Pargetter] Voice coaching going well. That bloke who made Thatcher sound like a man has done wonders.

@LetThemEatCake [Brian Aldridge] Really, what IS their problem? Surely they can see the more money I make the more crumbs there will be for them.

@TheThormanator [Christopher Carter] Haven't had so many cold showers in years. Furnace is ablaze but not firing.

@RevengeIsMine Damned balaclavas! Couldn't see properly and think I might have clobbered the wrong person. Caught a glimpse of red hair.

@GodImWonderful [Tom Archer] Just The Big Chair to go. Who does he think he is? Blofeld? Tom Jones?

@TrimForBritain [Lynda Snell] No discipline in this village. I can see I'll have to send Robert out after dark to trim some bushes himself.

@MonaLot [Ruth Archer] Thank God for Twitter. Don't have to keep up that ridiculous accent.

@GayGordon [Gordon, kitchen staff at Grey Gables] So frustrating being Ian's Sous Chef. When I said I wanted to be under him at Grey Gables this wasn't what I had in mind.

@KneehighWithMenaces [Tilly Button] That Lizzie's an amateur. She wants revenge? Terror? My rates are very reasonable, success rate very high.

@RatMan [Keith Horrobin] You ain't seen me, roight?

If you know of, or have hacked into, any other Ambridge accounts, do please leave details below or send direct to @TonysConsultant.


  1. NotTillyButton28 May 2012 at 04:40

    Amy Franks @JiltedJuliet
    Wherefore art thou Carl? #AllMenAreBastards

    Carl @NarrowEscape
    Amy was great but I didn't like those longing looks her Dad kept giving her.
    Or the ones he gave me. #ElectraComplex

    Freda Fry @SilentWitness.
    ........................ #.................

  2. Is that Monalot related to the pillar of salt in the bible?