Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tidy Bushes, Tidy Minds

If you want a job doing well, ask a busy woman with a hangover.

It is very impressive to observe how - despite a heavy evening on Kenton's cocktails - Lynda managed to begin the process of galvanising the village into action. The imperative for neat front gardens and tidy bushes is one we must all take on board. We must ensure that @RevRichardColes is greeted by the most impressive front topiary when he comes to virtually open the virtual fete.

To add weight to this campaign, we have invited Alice Arnold (@alicearnold1) to bring her moral example and campaigning zeal to support Lynda as she strives to encourage sceptical villagers to make Ambridge a tidy example to us all.

Brown Owl has undertaken to put The Brownies at our disposal for this work and their secret weapon - Tilly Button - will be visiting reluctant households to "encourage" them to do their bit.

This also applies to the need to clean up the River Am for the Virtual Jubilee Boat Pageant. We are a little behind on planning for this event so your help would be welcome. We need a Queen, a Consort, and a smattering of seamen. Any thoughts?

We must not underestimate the impact that all of these events will have on the wellbeing of the village. In this spirit I would ask for suggestions as to how other villagers could take advantage of the opportunities offered by the virtual fete.

I would humbly suggest that a small menagerie of wildlife for the gardens of Lower Loxley would greatly benefit Elizabeth and the twins. Perhaps Eccles (the peacock) could be loaned to them by Jolene and Kenton. And we all know how much the grieving Elizabeth would benefit from a cockatoo.

Meanwhile Elizabeth is hoping that her beloved Nigel's vineyard may secure Wine of the Year. Competition will be tough in a village where Kathy, Emma and Susan have been vying for that title for many years.

Jazzer and Roy also provide proof to us all of one salutary lesson: if you don't go to work for three months you will inevitably find it difficult to pick up the pace and will certainly have to work late.

Our sincere thanks must also go to @BroughtonLass who has secured the services of @pronterjools who, as a man of the cloth himself, has kindly offered to answer our call to "counsel the counsellor". Helping Alan will prove a test if ever there was one. I note from @pronterjools's biog that he has "just got a boat" so I think we should immediately invite him to be virtual chaplain to the virtual pageant.

Visits to the theatre and cricket (and a spot of consultancy) mean I may miss live transmissions from the village in the next day or two. I look forward to trying to piece together what on earth is going on from the invaluable, erudite and entirely reliable tweetalong. As I am sure @RevRichardColes, @prontajools and even Rev Alan Franks would all agree they are, indeed, the tweets that pass all understanding.

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