Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tom's Totalitarianism, Tilly's Reign of Terror and Celebrity Virtual Fete News

Listeners will have been pleased to hear Tony "pardon me for not dying" Archer being well enough to feature in the documentary again. The trip to Lord's (he thought he was on a pilgrimage to France) has obviously done some good. He even managed one complete sentence without stuttering. Next week Just a Minute.

Pat was very annoyed that dinner was ruined. It took Tony twenty minutes to deliver Pat's "Dinner will be ready in ten minutes" message.

Peggy refuses to pull her punches and has backed Tom's putsch. Must have been all that talk of Stalin and five year plans. She was also mightily impressed by the size of Tom's acquisition and speed with which it had been erected.

Pip is well on her way to being a Burger Pro but the thought of her and Brenda being "left to it" is one which has forced me to put the Brownie First Aiders on standby.

Weights and Measures have been on again. Whilst they are getting their head around SQUIRREL units we are now told that Pip is worth her weight in gold. A bit of uniformity is called for.

But the two most distressing bits of news come from Brookfield. Firstly one does wonder where Jennifer is when you need her - Randy Ruth is a worrying concept to cope with. And who'd have thought Tilly Button had such a deep voice? Her threatening phone call has really put the squirrel amongst the badgers.

In Virtual Fete news we have had some wonderfully encouraging developments. Not only has The Reverend Richard Coles (@RevRichardColes) graciously agreed to virtually open the virtual fete, but he generously promoted the event on his Parish Notices programme, Saturday Live. He was also instrumental in securing Michelin starred chef Angela Hartnett (@AngelaHartnett) as virtual judge of the virtual baking competition.

At the same time we are thrilled that Radio 4 Newsreader and Litter Zealot Alice Arnold (@AliceArnold1) has agreed to be Honorary Virtual Patron of the Virtual Fete and the Wellbeing Clinic. We are truly grateful to her for this commitment and the assistance she will inevitably bring to Lynda as she strives for the neatest, trimmest bushes in Borsetshire.

Outstanding invitations are with Clare Balding (@clarebalding1) to judge the Gymkhana, and Jonathan Agnew (@Aggerscricket) to bring his experience to bear on the Pie competition.

Next week we will be inviting Rotary Organisations around the country to virtually "adopt" Felperhsam Rotary Club for the duration of the virtual fete and provide invaluable support. Any clubs interested in this honour should register their interest below or direct to @TonysConsultant.

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