Sunday, 13 May 2012

More questions than answers

Sunday afternoon is a time for reflection. Today, as I consider my notes and plan next week's visits and consultations, I am reflecting on the fact that last week Ambridge posed more questions than answers.

There are too many to list in their entirety, but here are the ten that are nagging most at me:

1. How could Jennifer be so naive as to think Brian would take her up the valley without an ulterior motive?

2. Will Alan (aka Rev Bunter) suffer a genuine crisis of faith or just lash out around the village, delivering Evensong with intent in Darrington and menacingly chopping vegetables?

3. Who will be the wedding planner for My Big Fat Horrobin Wedding, who will hold the media rights, what part will the Brownies play and will we get an extra Bank Holiday?

4. If Keira has a mind of her own, who on earth did she inherit such intelligence from?

5. Who will offer to oil Iffy's bat even though, by his own admission, he plays for another side?

6. Is Ian's sous chef Gordon really "Gay Gordon" and how long before he joins the fun in the hot tub ("I need to check my ingredients")?

7. Will Tom ever, ever stop patronising his Father, and will Brenda see the light and tell him to stick his sausages and baps right up his new polytunnel?

8. When will Weights and Measures officially adopt The Squirrel as a unit of measurement?

9. Will Lizzie be reconciled with David long enough to invite him to open the Nigel Pargetter Memorial Roof Garden at Lower Loxley?

10.Who stands to be most embarrassed / exonerated when the truth about Carl's marital status is revealed?

No doubt there are other questions and inevitably some answers. If you know anything or just have an observation, please post below as a comment or address directly to @TonysConsultant.


  1. I want to know if there will be a brand new Jag provided to drive the workers from their barn conversion to the cow unit.

  2. These are questions of vital importance. Tip-top observational skills.
    By the way, how do you make a croissant and why would anyone bother? Ian must have been up since the crack of dawn to have accomplished all that cookery, and newspaper fetching before waking Adam.

  3. Excellent, just the kind of questions the scriptwriters need to answer