Saturday, 26 May 2012

Virtual Fete Virtual Pub Quiz: Eliminator

No virtual fete would be complete without a virtual Pub Quiz. We are awaiting confirmation that Bamber Gascoigne (@ThenWhatNext) will be our virtual Quizmaster, but in the meantime we need an eliminator to determine the team that will virtually represent The Bull against The Cat and Fiddle.

The first round of the eliminator is a series of 10 Multiple Choice questions:

1. What is Adam Macy's favourite position?

a) Long Leg
b) Third Man
c) Cover Point

2. Brian Aldridge has used some cheesy chat-up lines in his time, most of them plagiarised. Match the line with the original source, including the one that is original.

a) "How ewe doin'?"
b) "Come up and see my tassels."
c) "Have you seen the view from the roof?"

1) Brian Aldridge
2) David Archer
3) A new friend of Debbie's

3. David Archer's NFU colleagues have a pet name for him. Is it:

a) Badger Boy
b) Cereal Killer
c) Roof Man

4. Kenton Archer went along publicly with naming Jaxx after his co-partner, but which of his favourites was this really a nod to?

a) Jack Hobbs
b) Jackie Pallo
c) Jacqueline Bisset

5. Shula has not been heard of for some time. Is she:

a) Held hostage by Rev Alan Franks
b) Wrapped around a bell in St Stephen's Bell Tower after an unfortunate "accident" with Lily
c) Completing her six month stint as charisma coach to Ed Miliband

6. Lynda draws a veil over many aspects of her pre-Ambridge life in Sunningdale. The truth is she was actually:

a) A Madam, in partnership with Cynthia Payne
b) Disgraced athlete Ben Johnson's nutrition coach
c) Nick Leeson's investment adviser

7. Tilly Button has a picture of her greatest influence hanging in her bedroom. Is it:

a) Jemima Khan
b) Imran Khan
c) Genghis Khan

8. My Big Fat Horrobin Wedding is in advanced planning stages. Currently the bride intends to arrive:

a) On Bartleby's trap, beneath a glass globe
b) On a hang glider, propelled from the roof of Lower Loxley (with a little help from David)
c) In a Black Maria (cutting out the middle man, and it'll be useful later)

9. Tom Archer was disappointed that his suggestion of a new brand name for Bridge Farm products was not adopted. Was it:

a) Polytunnels'r'us
b) Tom'u'like
c) Brenda's Baps

10.Pip Archer is the most annoying person in Ambridge

a) Yes
b) Yes
c) Yes

It is anticipated that this will be a close contest, so please post your suggestions of a tie-breaker below or directly to @TonysConsultant.


  1. You forgot 'sausage u like'

    and Adam's favourite position is surely face down


  2. NotTillyButton26 May 2012 at 09:21

    Question 7.
    I think you'll find that Tilly models her combat technique on that of Amir Khan.