Thursday, 26 April 2012

A traumatic night in Ambridge

Having overseen Adam's admission to Borchester DGH, it seemed wise to make some House Calls in Ambridge. The village is in shock, but here are a few quick updates:

* David, traumatised, has returned to Brookfield but seems rather keen to profess his innocence. He has previous, remember;
* Lizzie, upset at the news that has brought bitter memories to the surface, has been aggressively questioning Ruth about David's movements. Under the circumstances, my medical advice would be to give David's movements a very wide berth;
* Brian has abandoned Jennifer and popped to Annabelle's where they have both shared a stiff one. Can this evening's events have had anything to do with BL's activities?
* Tony is staring at a spread sheet, just off the phone to Peggy for I.T. advice;
* Kenton has created a new cocktail the "Adam Trailer Banger" and denies cashing in on the discomfort of others;
* A dyslexic colleague thinks he will learn more about Brian and his motives by checking his Mega Diary;
* Tom was last heard shouting to Brenda "Yes, but did Adam mention the venison meatballs?";
* Caroline finally said "yah" to Ian's request to leave for the hospital, but only when he had tossed his final pancake.

There are some serious questions to be addressed:

* Has Chris found his tools?
* Did he and Alice take advantage of Jennifer being otherwise engaged?
* Is David a cereal killer?
* Could Tom be a witness - was he taking Brenda up the polytunnel at the time?

Lynda has invited everyone to attend a casting session in the Village Hall tomorrow for her "Crimewatch" reconstruction.

More news as we get it. But remember: "Keep 'em peeled."

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