Friday, 27 April 2012

How to Survive Ambridge-free Saturdays: ll

Following the success of last week's suggestions of how addicts of The Archers might survive their Archers-free Saturdays, here are an additional five ideas.

* Where's Helen?
Play Ambridge's very own version of "Where's Wally" by asking where leading characters are at the time of crucial events. Where, for example, is Helen when she should be by her dear friend Ian's side and by Adam's bed? Where's Kenton when he should be providing stiff ones for everyone in need?

* The Archers: The Musical
Help create the musical version of The Archers. Which songs? Which characters? Might David and Ruth have "Slurry with a Fringe on Top" as their theme? Suggestions please.

* Musical Statues
One for all the family. As a tribute to Adam, get the children to "freeze" every time the car stops. Great for a peaceful Saturday.

* A History of The Archers in 100 Objects
Nominate the objects that best illustrate Ambridge's history. Would you select the banner from Lower Loxley's roof? Or one of Brian's cravats?

* Musical Families
Ideal for families of 4. Firstly select your character: Shula, Kenton, David or Elizabeth. When the music stops......well, see who's left when the music starts again.

Most importantly, keep fresh for the Omnibus. It's a cracker and will need all your energies.

Good luck - and feedback appreciated.

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  1. I've got a better one! It requires 3 players. One plays Alice, one plays Christopher and they have to devise a way of keeping the third one (Jennifer) out of their house.