Monday, 23 April 2012

St Stephen, St George and The Dragon

The bells will ring out across the Village Green this evening as the campanologists of St Stephen's celebrate St George's Day.

It's a special day for young Lily Pargetter who will be pulling hard in public for the first time. She owes everything to the tutelage of Neil Carter and a head for heights she obviously inherited from her mother.

Bells will also jangle as the Morris Dancers help celebrations for St George's Day, ably assisted by the Brownies who have recently collectively recovered from the trauma of James and Leonie's chopper extravaganza.

But who is the modern day Dragon, and who will be our 21st Century St George to slay it? With the mega-dairy commanding headlines there are many potential Dragons in the Borchester Land camp. Its opponents provide a number of possible knights in shining armour. But what about the more domestic contenders - those whose colours we already know (like Leonie and Lynda) and those who have yet to declare their hands (like Alan & Usha and Carl)?

The wellbeing of a community depends on many things and good relations within that community are crucial. Even though our entertainment depends on them breaking down.

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