Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ambridge Health and Safety Inspection

Although the EA has given the go ahead for the megadairy there are some formalities outstanding, not least of which is a health and safety check around the village. You may have heard that an unidentified car was spotted on the edge of Home Farm land. This wasn't, as suggested, some errant badgers in a Panda Car but was in fact me, incognito, carrying out a Risk Assessment.

There were some tip-offs which I needed to investigate. I was told that The Forge was under new management and I was keen to see that the appropriate safety clothing was being worn. I snuck in and inspected the Smithy's Aprons and rather wished I hadn't. I only hope it was residue of venison casserole that confronted me.

I did find an ungreased harvester which is never pleasant. All harvesters should be greased on every conceivable occasion and I would ask all residents to take note of that rule of thumb.

Work around a new slurry tank is developing well with foundations completed. However, it's always best to take a head count after such construction work and make sure everyone is accounted for.

I shall write a full report for the Council but would urge all residents to check all potential dangers - you can never be too careful. Don't get caught out. Especially if you work in I.T. and are dating a vicar's daughter.

Please be vigilant and please, as always, let me know of any potential hazards that should be addressed.

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