Thursday, 14 June 2012

"Snatch Squad" and other Borsetshire phrases explained

As students struggle around the country with GCSEs it seems an appropriate time to publish an update to The Ambridge Lexicon: the meaning of words or phrases which have a special and particular definition in this everyday story of Country folk. Here are the top ten entries since the last publication:

Snatch Squad A group of individual guerilla bush-trimmers under the quasi-military leadership of Lynda Snell.

True Love Eating breakfast whilst newspapers are purchased. A rare coalescence of activities only, apparently, achieved by Blamey-Amy and Qarl.


I'm off to check the banner Underground gang slang indicating the long planned murder is about to be committed.

Borsetshire Hose-Pipe Ban Court order tempering Brian Aldridge's behaviour.

Venison Casserole A method of contraception unique to the Aldridge Family.

The Big Chair Symbol of hierarchy in Ambridge farming community.

A large one One of the most complex of quaint Ambridge expressions with many different meanings. Popular meanings include: a drink [Lillian], a moan [Emma], a whopping lie [Eddie], ambition [Tom], Tom [Brenda], Brenda [Chalkie], Chalkie [Matt], Matt [Lillian].....

Shooting the fox Activity only achievable once wood has been reached.

The Killing Fields This can refer to the scene of Adam's accident, Lower Loxley or, increasingly, Brookfield.

Please add other definitions below or direct to @TonysConsultant.


  1. NotTillyButton15 June 2012 at 02:26

    1. Ornamental plasterwork
    2. Attempting to fly without a parachute

    Any very small, totally silent person who punches well above their weight.

    "a slap"
    A caring and supportive form of therapeutic intervention designed to combat romantic delusions.

    "Beast of Borsetshire"
    Something touted as momentous and amazing, which turns out to be very underwhelming.
    See also
    ...2012 Olympics opening ceremony
    ...Smaller than a squirrel

    "Mr Bubbles"
    Older people having sex who really really shouldn't.
    At least not with other people

  2. NotTillyButton17 June 2012 at 09:55

    STOP PRESS – Addendum to Ambridge Lexicography

    “Sun Cream”
    A special unguent with aphrodisiac powers which is used in a primeval mating ritual

    “To lead someone on” (romantically)
    To avoid someone like the plague and be considering a court order.

    We thank Tracey Horrobin and Iftikar Shah for their assistance with the above entries