Sunday, 24 June 2012

Ambridge Twitter Alert

The Echo (*Echo*) may have led this week on Farmageddon (including, to the outrage of The W.I., Page Three Bullocks) but hidden away between the obituaries and the results of the kennel club trials (shout Bingo! if you appear in both) there is another piece on hacked twitter accounts. Here are the highlights:

@GodImWonderful [Tom Archer] Hope Dad likes the Father's Day present I gave him. Hope the lead is long enough to reach from his *big chair* to the power point.

@LetThemEatCake [Brian Aldridge] I do hope my dear Step Son doesn't over do it. Can't have anyone knowing I'm too much of a cheapskate to pay insurance premiums.

@CarlThePantomimeCadNo1Account [Carl aka Qarl] Must plan holiday for dear Rochelle and the family. Might buy a bunny for the kids.

@BlameyAmy [Amy Franks] Visited Carl at his office today. Couple of things to iron out, but looks like we're getting back together.

@MonaLot [Ruth Archer] Ooooooh No! I've warned Deeeeevyd before but does he listen? He's let his bullocks slip out again.

@CarlThePantomimeCadNo2Account [Carl aka Qarl] Damn that stupid child Amy. And what's happened to that bunny?

@TakeAnotherDozenOffencesIntoConsideration [Matt Crawford] Puss Cat - can you keep an eye on Peggy while I take advantage of that plank Darryl?

@KneehighWithMenaces [Tilly Button] Lizzie's going to have to pay me a load more if I'm going to keep the pressure on David.

@TurkeyBasterWeekly [Turkey Baster Weekly] Henry Archer: thank you for renewing your subscription to celebrate Father's Day.

@OrganicIsNoGuarantee [Tony Archer] Arrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!

@BadgersBeware [David Archer] We will fight them at Brookfield. We will fight them on Lakey Hill. We will never surrender. Oh, OK then Mum.

@BlameyAmy Ouch! I was standing in the Car Park at Carl's office and a huge penny fell out of the sky onto my head.

@SpoiltAviator [Alice Aldridge] Damn! Now Amy's sorted, and Mum's run out of venison casserole, I have no more excuses. Will I have to explain to Christopher that I'm madly in love with Helen?

As ever there is only room for highlights here. If you are aware of other tweets, please list them below or send direct to @TonysConsultant.

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