Monday, 25 June 2012

All of a Lather

It is on the record that the Button family were dispatched to Ambridge from Walford on a witness protection scheme. What can only be revealed now is that the Archer children of Brookfield Farm are about to make that journey in reverse. Only now that the Soap Transfer Window is officially open for the summer can such details be made public - and we are reminded of some significant Soap transfers and audacious loan deals of recent years.

Records show that Ken Barlow only went to Coronation Street on loan in December 1960. A promising member of the Ambridge Youth Team, it was decided that Ken needed more first team experience and his loan spell was negotiated with the fledgling Weatherfield set-up. Ken made a number of appearances which enabled the Ambridge management to realise that far from being the inspirational playmaker they had hoped for, Barlow was in fact a rather pedestrian player lacking in imagination or originality. This, and his much publicised off-field activities, persuaded Ambridge to accept Barlow's transfer request and the move was made permanent in early 1961.

Transfers between Walford and Ambridge are common, but one of the latest is amongst the most complicated. Walford's benign GP, Dr Anthony Trueman, had such a traumatic experience with the Slater sisters (a complicated enough relationship where sisters were mother and daughter - wait for the copycat revelation that Pip is Josh and Ben's mother) that his subsequent behaviour caused him to be struck off by the BMA. The controversy required a complete new identity and so it was that flamboyant striker Anthony Trueman became central defender Carl, a deceptive player who lures the opposition into a false sense of security and then scythes their legs from beneath them with vicious late tackles. Known to his team mates as Chopper Carl he has a love-hate relationship with the terraces.

Not all transfers have ended happily. Elizabeth and Nigel Pargetter were both keen for more first team exposure and were prepared to drop a division to Crossroads to facilitate that. But both found the poorer quality of the game at that level frustrating and were prepared to return to the Ambridge squad and live with the management's rotation system. Pargetter was satisfied with being used as an impact player from the bench but a clash in training with veteran midfielder David Archer led to a tragic conclusion to his career. It was following this incident that David Archer became known as the Joey Barton of Ambridge.

We will keep a close eye on transfer speculation throughout the summer and report it here. If you hear any rumours please list them below or post them direct to @TonysConsultant.

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  1. Ken Barlow's brother Jimmy of the Grange stayed in Ambridge and became a notable pop star in Borsetshire. He went to London during the lost decade of love to make his name on top of the pops but was never heard of again.